And when they had broken through... (Mark 2:1-12)

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I’d read the story many times. It was so familiar. The cast of characters was simple: A paraplegic man, four determined friends, and Jesus. News spread quickly in this village. The Man of God they’d heard about was teaching in a home nearby. Hoping for a healing miracle for their friend, they picked him up and headed for the house. There were people everywhere with the crowd spilling out into the street. Knowing they would never get through, they took their friend up to the roof.  It was a crazy idea, but if they could break through the tiles, maybe they could lower him down in front of Jesus. If they could just get him before the Miracle-maker, their friend might walk again.

One particular morning, my heart was suddenly gripped by the phrase - 

And when they had broken through…

Here were four men, desperate to see their friend healed. They were willing to do anything – including destroying private property! The King James Version states that they uncovered the roof.  The original language more accurately reads: They “unroofed the roof.” That means they were digging through and gouging out the mortar, tar, ashes, sand, and tiles that comprised the typical roof in those days. 

 After opening the roof, they then had to lower their friend, probably by attaching ropes to each corner of his cot.  Maneuvering an essentially dead weight, they had to be careful not to tip the stretcher, lest he fall into the midst of the crowd below.

 I marveled at the faith and intentionality of these men. Their great love and compassion for their friend compelled them to not only break through the roof, but also risk the anger of the crowd below. What a distraction and a disturbance they must have caused!

 Nonetheless, they broke through, setting the stage for a life-transforming miracle for their friend.

 I had to ask myself: How determined am I to see friends and loved ones break through to the miracle of forgiveness and healing Jesus has for them?

 What kind of roof needs to be broken through in order to experience His presence and miracles in a greater way?

 Are there mindsets that hold us back?

Wrong teaching?

Areas of sin that need break through?

Disappointments, trauma, wounding, hurts…life experiences can be the roof.

Have we knowingly or unknowingly made agreements with the enemy that keep us paralyzed in our faith?

 God’s good intention towards us is that we live in fullness, not limitation. Jesus has already made a way for us to live in His abundant love, forgiveness, healing, wholeness, and provision. Why not purpose to take the roof off whatever is keeping you from fully experiencing His goodness toward you? Maybe you need to get a few caring, determined friends to help you “break through.” It will be well worth it!

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