He is Risen Indeed!


He is Risen Indeed!

We are about to celebrate one of the most important events in all of history – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday for many is about bunnies, and egg hunts, and candy…lots of candy!

But for believers, the significance of this day is the very bedrock of our faith. As I ponder the events of Good Friday this year, I am struck by the response of nature to Jesus’ death on the Cross and His subsequent resurrection. Matthew tell us as Jesus hung on the Cross from the 6th to the 9th hour, that “there was darkness over all the land” (Matt 27:45). The Greek word translated “land” is ges, and it has the connotation of the entire earth – not just the land around Jerusalem. That means that the entire earth was simultaneously engulfed in darkness. Ancient historians have referred to the darkness that covered the earth at the time of the crucifixion.

Similarly, when Matthew records that “the earth quaked” (Matt 27:51), the same Greek word is used for “earth,” indicating that it was a worldwide earthquake.  There was another earthquake 3 days later when He rose from the dead. Only this time, Matthew tells us it was a “great  (Greek – mega) earthquake.” So impacting was it that huge boulders were torn apart.  What was happening here? 

Just as creation shook when its Creator died on the Cross, so it shook again in response to His resurrection! A cataclysmic, worldwide event was taking place that forever shifted us from Old Covenant to New Covenant…from law to grace. All of nature was responding to what was occurring in the spiritual realm. There’s a great song Sandy Patti recorded many years ago called Was It a Morning Like This?  I love the chorus because it gives us a glimpse of the unseen reaction to the resurrection:

Did the grass sing?

Did the earth rejoice to feel you again?

Over and over like a trumpet underground

Did the earth seem to pound

He is risen!

Over and over in a never-ending round

He is risen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

So, my question is:

How are we, the highest of His creation, responding to our Creator’s death and resurrection? As we approach Easter Sunday this year, can we pause from the everyday-ness of life to consider the wonder and power of the resurrection? Can we purpose, not only to consider the resurrection, but to walk in the life and power Jesus died to give us? I want to live in the awareness of His presence, His unrelenting grace, and His unlimited love…the love that sent Him to the Cross. Maybe I need to listen to Sandy Patti’s song more than once a year!

How about you? How will you respond?

diane fink