Positioned for Victory (Elijah List Post 5/2017)

They run like mighty men

They climb the wall like men of war;

Every one marches in formation,

And they do not break ranks.

They do not push one another;

Every one marches in his own column. (

Joel 2:7-8)

You Are Positioned for Victory!

Alignment…a word we hear often these days. The word refers to the aligning of time, of circumstances, of organizations. As in this verse in Joel, it also refers to the aligning of people, as in an army. God is raising up an army in this hour, with each person knowing their place and purpose in the alignment of God.

Timing and circumstance also indicate alignment. Don Finto, apostolic leader in the body of Christ, has defined this crossroad as a “suddenly”:

When the timing of God and the promises of God intersect. 

We experienced a “suddenly” of sorts when my husband and I recently moved from a home we had lived in for 25 years to a brand new house. The process took 60 days from the purchase offer on the old home to the move into the new one. I’d call that a “suddenly”! 

I experienced another suddenly in the prophetic when many things began to align around the number 17. I released a word related to that number in October, 2016. The number 17 means “Victory, God’s Elect, Transition, Promotion.” [You can read the full word here 2017 – A Pivotal Year

Let me give you a few examples:

·     12/17/16 – We accepted the offer on our home and would close on 1/31/17.

·     1/17/17 – A key date as the builder and mortgage company were meeting to determine our closing date.

·     2/17/17 – First day in the new house… and the new season of our lives. Incidentally, this was the day before my birthday. 

Each significant step in the process aligned exactly 30 days apart. 

Even more amazing is that when we signed the documents on the new house, the legal description of our property is Lot 17! God was saying something!

I have learned that part of being a prophet is hearing what the Lord is speaking through the circumstances of your life. As I have reflected on this process in my personal life, I also understand it is a picture God wants His people to grasp in this season. Here are the prophetic insights I feel the Lord wants to communicate to us:

Many are in a season of transition.

Our move represents a major transition in our lives – from one place where we have lived for 25 years, to a new house in which no one has ever lived. It indicates a change of season, a place that may not be familiar. For example, I turn to go to the sink in the kitchen, and it’s on the opposite side of the counter from my former kitchen. I go upstairs and have to stop and think which side the bedroom is on. 

So it is with the season we are in:

It is not yet familiar as we leave the old places to enter into the new. 

The broader application is that in our nation, things are moving very quickly with our new President. Things he campaigned on are being done NOW. Again, major transition. Despite the negative media reports, a positive shift is occurring as evidenced by the rise in the stock market and the decline in unemployment. God is doing something. 

·     In global prayer, there is a divine alignment in several areas as we have moved into 2017. Many ministries and churches are aligning in prayer for the new government as never before. A cry is going up from the Body of Christ for sustained prayer and intercession for our nation in a unified, focused effort that is new. Transition, alignment. 

·     Governmentally, there is an order coming that is rocking the status quo, which needed rocking. The major transition occurring is from the old guard of “politics as usual,” to a new breed of leaders who aren’t afraid to lead. What was once the “silent majority” is silent no more. Where the liberal agenda reigned supreme for more than the last 8 years, the conservative agenda has taken the lead, and has been given a great “victory” to move the nation forward. We are entering a new season in our nation…amid all the demonstrations, protests, and anger, there is an equally growing sense of hope for the future. It will be a year of victory as God’s people continue to pray and decree His purposes over our nation.

·     And finally, when I realized the legal description of our property was Lot 17, I felt God speak a word to me for His people:

God is giving us legal authority in the courts of Heaven to move into, and dwell, in the place of #17: Victory. This new position may take some adjusting to, just as I spoke of in my new home. Some may be accustomed to living from a place of defeat or pain or lack. 

But the Lord is saying to you –

It is a new season! You have legal authority to let go of the places in the past that have held you back, and take possession of the position I am giving you this year. Move into and take up residence in your place of VICTORY. It’s already yours – it’s been bought and paid for with the blood of my Son. Don’t let the past determine your future. Get comfortable in your new surroundings. Let expectation arise in your heart once again. Let dreams be rekindled by the breath of My Spirit. So, today, sign on the dotted line of the legal document that is already recorded in Heaven, and receive ownership of your new house. It is yours, it is waiting for you. WELCOME HOME.

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